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krista • the bliss mystic
consciousness guide • bliss mystic • sexologist • author: Unlearn Moderation, Body 2.0, and Ischemia •
Mirrors with reflections of neurons firing.
mirrors + neurons | by kahh

After living over thirty years wondering why other people didn’t taste butterscotch when they said, heard, or read ‘interesting,’ learning about synesthesia was a welcome wave of awareness amidst the chaos.

I remember being in elementary school and watching a friend fall from the top of a structure we called…

The Virgin and Child, Saint Anne, and Saint Emerentia on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sitting here sipping a nip of Amaretto, not because I like it, but because it helps me feel close to Mom. …

Abstract mixed media collage in the shape of a vulva.
bleeding | mixed media collage by kahh

In American culture, we often hear about the pursuit of happiness. It is a worthy pursuit, a pursuit in which we wouldn’t get very far without pleasure. I offer the pursuit of pleasure holds the promise for peace, fulfillment, and personal power. However, did you ever ask yourself why our…

A heart-shaped rock at a vortex in Sedona, Arizona

The soldiers of the patriarchy
are panicked and weak,
carrying their automatic ejaculatory
death machines into our Capitols.
Self-congratulatory sentiment
all around for invading the halls
they built to keep us down
to tell the world they are
too manly to wear a mask.
They will not be controlled

Stars being born from NGC 602. Gratitude to NASA and the Hubble for this magical image.

It’s my birthday as I write this. An odd birthday, as I imagine all birthdays happening during this mindful isolation to flatten the curve. A global pandemic puts things in perspective for us all, at least I hope. If anything, many are noticing experiences previously taken for granted: a grocery…

My guys and their Dad.

As parents during this time, we are experiencing an unprecedented parenting phenomenon. With school interrupted during the eventful time leading into spring celebrations and graduations, the impact of remote learning and online instruction efforts can feel even more challenging. …

It was Friday, March 13th and as I sat and organized my client session calendar for the next week my Friday afternoon ritual felt different than every previous Friday.

The day before I was grateful to attend case conference, a regular gathering of my most beloved and trusted colleagues. We…

Word art curated on Instagram @penandpaperpoetry

I live in constant gratitude and yet I’m utterly jaded by the constant demand for gratitude by our good vibes only culture. That’s not how gratitude works.

If you are not grateful for all the experiences in your life, yes, even the horrific ones, then you are employing a saccharine…

Word art on Instagram @penandpaperpoetry

Take a moment to reflect on how often you experience silence. Likely your reflection called attention to the fact that we are a silence-resistant culture. It is rare to truly experience silence.

While eating breakfast, the news is reporting. In the car, the radio is on. While working out, music…

How awake are you? If you are reading this, you woke up today. You had a moment earlier when you moved from sleeping to perceiving the world around you through your senses again for the first time.

Yes, for the first time, again, and again, and again. The fact that…

krista • the bliss mystic

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