3 Powerful Reasons to Choose Pleasure First

Claim your pleasure map

Krista • The Bliss Mystic
5 min readFeb 10, 2024


Small Moleskine notebook on a red velvet background with handwriting that says, “There is no way to find your pleasure while you are hiding it for yourself.” ~kahh
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What if you had a treasure map that led directly to a life of ease and flow? Would you wait to use it?

Pleasure is that treasure map.

Here’s the dilemma: The only person who can give you permission to use it anytime you want is you.

I see it every day in my office. As a consciousness design guide, I’ve spent the last two decades helping people use the treasure map they already have in their hearts. My clients often land with me when they feel stuck, exhausted, and even lost.

The first thing I say is, “The emotional math works out, awesome one.” Our pleasure-rationing culture indoctrinates us to put pleasure last, and we are damn good at it. A pleasureless life will suck us all dry of lifeforce if we let it.

You know how that feels. We wait for weekends and dread Mondays. We white knuckle life until we get to vacations. We only allow ourselves the good stuff as rewards we must earn for persevering through everything else.

Consider this your invitation to unlearn that moderation absorbed from your indoctrination and get after your pleasure. Claim that pleasure map, if you will.

It seems like a pretty simple proposition, but this is usually when the…



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