Alchemy of the Edge: Take Your First Step Into Consciousness Design

Krista • The Bliss Mystic
4 min readMay 29, 2022

Is it time to question your place in the game?

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“We are the only species that lives in zoos of our own design.” ~Christopher Ryan

It’s an odd thing to notice you are conscious.

Most humans don’t discern they are conscious. They see the doing as why we are here. They feel separate. They act like they are separate, separate special little chips off the quantum block here to get theirs, whatever that means.

So you go along and someone teaches you some rules so you can remain in the good graces of the humans around you. And when there are rules, well, there must be a game, yeah?

We start seeing opportunities to advance in the game. Behave and you get a treat. Yay! Good grades and you get celebrated. Yay! Good performance and you get a raise. Yay! I like this game.

Then one day you notice that even those who are acing the game are really not winning at all. Long hours, perfectionism, health scares, dead stares into digital boxes, white-knuckling until the next time to opt-out for a while on that well-earned vacation.

It’s then you might have a moment of awareness, a fleeting feeling: This game sucks.

That awareness may feel intimidating, destabilizing, even dangerous. Indeed it is because you just pulled the first thread without even realizing your reality was starting to unravel. For those who are familiar, this may sound a bit like the preamble to Neo taking the red pill, but let me assure you, this process isn’t Hollywood glamorous, but it is more wild and spectacular than you can imagine.

If you are feeling called to the sexiness of that destabilizing danger, you’ve found this precisely aligned missive or it’s found you, semantics really in this quantum existence.

The rub is the adventure is your own. You have to find your own circle of rebels who have experienced enough static and dissonance in their existence to invite themselves on the consciousness design journey. Some have coalesced around consciousness design already with diverse perspectives within the same journey. My passion is leading humans who have chosen to opt-in.



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